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Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching in Woodbridge, Suffolk with Stuart


nutrition and weight loss coaching

Change Your Body Composition

Sports nutrition is excellent for any of the following:

*Losing fat, and getting leaner

*Improve muscle tone

*Getting fitter, stronger, or improving endurance

*Increasing energy, and feeling better

Outcome & Behaviour Based Nutrition

Stuart’s approach to nutrition is outcome based. This means, he helps you set, track, and achieve your goals.

Goals are defined, a baseline is established, by measuring body fat, weight, and body measurements and so forth. Stuart tracks your success, and make adjustments along the way as your body improves to reach the look, and shape you want.

The food you eat is extremely important when it comes to improving your body composition, and so is working on behaviour. As well as nutritional advice, Stuart also offers behavioural and motivational advice that will make it easier for you to stay on course with nutrition & exercise.


About Stuart

Stuart is a qualified Sports and Weight Loss Nutrition Coach. His nickname is “Wikipedia of nutrition, health & fitness”: He helps coach in all aspects of the weight loss journey whether it’s a case of increasing confidence, boosting motivation, improving sleep, reducing stress, setting a positive mindset and/or sharing nutrition knowledge.

He has spent the last 10 years researching and reading the latest scientific information on anything to do with health, fitness and nutrition, hence his nickname.

He goes the extra mile because he is passionate about what he does and he wants to help each and every person reach their goal(s).

Plans are individualised to you and your lifestyle. There are plenty of generic meal plans out there but Stuart takes a different tailored approach as he recognises that we are all different. What works for one person may be different for another. His approach also aims to make weight loss simple and hassle free.



  • Initial Consultation – £50 (1 hour)
  • Individualised Meal & Exercise Plans (tailored based on the initial consultation) – £50 (28 Days)
  • Follow Up Coaching Sessions – £25 (30 minutes)


If you would like to book a session or have further questions, please contact Stuart via email or call 07478 030 531


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